Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get FREE Blitz Bonuses?


Use our Social Syndicate Sharing Buttons and invite people in to your social Circles. Every single person in your social circles earns you Blitz Bonuses. Blitz Bonuses let you win without matching a single correct number.


How do I build my Social Circles and Get Social Syndicate Benefits?


Use the social sharing buttons in your Lotto Spring members are to spread the word as well as sharing your custom RAFLOTTO link to invite people to. People join your personal circles and then invite others, this builds your social circles and gets you FREE Bonuses, FREE Entries, and Refunds of your subscription so you don’t pay a cent and keep winning.

How is a Lotto Spring Syndicate different from a normal syndicate?


Normal syndicates operate by creating a team and, should that team win, then you all share the prize. This is good for the team but very bad news for the person with the winning number. So Lotto Spring created a way to have the best of both worlds. When you personally get the correct number you get a fixed “Lions Share” of the prize and your team share the rest. It means you literally can “have your cake and eat it too!” If you win, you get more and if someone in your team wins, you still get a massive prize share of the team’s efforts. Personal Prizes can be up to €10 Million and Team Prizes of €50 Million gives you the best of both worlds

Will Inviting people boost my chances to win?


Each person you invite to join LottoSpring is an increase in up to 400 more chances to win. This is because they are most likely to be in a different syndicate to you so they could get you Multiwin Bonuses because someone in their syndicate got the correct numbers. As there are 50 people and 8 games in a period, that is quite literally 400 more chances to win

How can I cancel my LottoSpring Subscription?


If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, you can login and do this in the members area on the Lotto Spring website. However, once you have cancelled, you cannot receive any more prizes, multiwin’s, syndicate share, or blitz bonuses. However you will not be charged any payments going forward.

Is ProSpring Different to LottoSpring?


ProSpring is our VIP Membership of LottoSpring. It works exactly the same as LottoSpring but has VIP Benefits such as Giveaway Entries you can share with others to help them to play and join, and it allows you more Blitz Bonuses. Add VIP Support, bonus screens to help you build your team, as well as VIP webinars and more – it’s the obvious upgrade for anyone who wants to boost their winnings. You can either purchase your subscription as a ProSpring Member or Upgrade later.

Is LottoSpring legal?


Yes, LottoSpring is a legal EuroMillions syndicate backed by official UK Euromillions lottery tickets. You can find out more on our contact and about us pages

How can I be sure I get paid my prizes?


As an official syndicate, we are legally obliged to pay out all prizes as per published rules. Our Prizes are backed by real Euromillions tickets.

How do I share the RAFLOTTO website so that people join me?


Simply follow the instructions that you will find on the Getting Started page.

How to use RAFLOTTO with a lead capture page and autoresponder


If you wish to use a lead capture page with the RAFLOTTO system, here's how to do that...
When you create your autoresponder make the page that you are redirecting to after optin...
(Replacing ABCD with your own LottoSpring username)

The RAFLOTTO system will automatically rewrite the tracking URL for you so that the tracking continues to work correctly as

I recommend GetResponse with free lead capture page included even in the basic package. is not associated in any way with the Royal Air Force

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